The Light Workers Companion

The Light-Worker's Companion - Table of Contents


The Light-Worker’s Companion iii


St Germain and the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth 1

Chapter One

An Introduction to Your Hierarchy 5

Overview 5

Learning About Your Hierarchy 10

Consciously Connecting to Your Hierarchy 11

Some Key Points About Your Hierarchy 11

Aligning to Your Hierarchy 12

Meditation for Connecting to Your Hierarchy 14

Chapter Two

The Earth/Physical Level of The Hierarchy 17

First Dimension 18

Second Dimension 18

Third Dimension 18

Chapter Three

The Etheric Level of The Hierarchy 20

The Higher Self and Incarnation Team 22

The Incarnation Council 23

Council of Balance and Justice 24

The Higher Council of Higher Self 25

Chapter Four

The Etheric Level Continued The Spiritual Home of Your Mental Plane 26

The Star Core Command 26

Lifting the Vibration of Your Mental Field 28

Chapter Five

The Galactic Level of The Hierarchy 31

Planetary Councils 32

The Galactic Councils 32

The Council of Twelve 33

The Council of The Mothership 35

The Council of the Directorship of the Rays 36

Chapter Six

The Upper Galactic Level of The Hierarchy 37

The Fifth Dimension 37

Christ Consciousness 37

The Sun Level 38

Strengthening Your Connection to the Sun

Level and Christ Consciousness 38

The Sixth Dimension 39

The Shambhala Council 39

Connecting with the Shambhala Level 40

Chapter Seven

The Universal Level of The Hierarchy 41

The Seventh Dimension 41

The Ray Being Level 42

The Universal Level 42

The Soul Level 42

What to Expect as Your Awareness Expands 43

Chapter Eight

Understanding Incarnation 45

The First Way 45

The Second Way 47

The Third Way 48

Chapter Nine

Assignments of the Human Incarnate 50

The Torch Bearer 50

The Circuit Breaker 51

The Way-Shower 52

The Light-Worker 53

Chapter Ten

Exploring Ascension 55

The Ascension Process 55

Earth Assignments 56

First Stage of Ascension 58

The Second Stage of Ascension 60

The Third Stage of Ascension 60

Tools and Techniques to Assist in Ascension 63

Chapter Eleven

Ascension and Life Changes 65

Ascension and Social Groups 65

Ascension and Preference 66

Ascension and Time 67

Ascension and Responsibility 68

Ascension and Love 69

Chapter Twelve

Aspect Therapy 71

Healing as Ascension 71

Aspect Therapy Meditation 73

Chapter Thirteen

Past Life Resolution and Aspect Therapy 75

Past Life Aspect Therapy Meditation 79

Chapter Fourteen

The Earth and Sea Realms 82

The Support of The Earth 82

The Triad of the Earth, the Seas and the Nature Realms 82

The Sea Realms 83

The Oceanic Realms and Healing 84

Meditation for Connecting to the Earth and Oceanic Realms 85

Earth 88

Chapter Fifteen

The Spiritual Family 90

Meeting the Family 90

The Messenger of Light 90

The Divine Overseer 91

Christ Consciousness Companion 92

Seventh Dimensional Assistance 93

The Brotherhood of Light 93

The Sacred Nuns of the Essene Order 93

The Celestial Archangel Realm 95

The God and Goddess Higher Council 96

Ancient Spiritual Family 97

Ascended Masters 98

Building a Stronger Connection with the Masters and Spiritual Family 99

Chapter Sixteen

Guides and Guardians – Their Profiles 101

Djwhal Khul 101

Sanat Kumara 103

St Germain 104

Quan Yin 105

Lord and Lady Lemuria 106

Lord and Lady Gaia 108

Lord and Lady Tansafarie 111

Lord and Lady Israel 114

Mother Mary 117

The Celtic Lord of the Forests 118

Lord and Lady Avalon 119

Lord and Lady Jerusalem 122

Lord and Lady Maitreya 124

Lord and Lady Neptune 127

Lord and Lady Amphibian 129

Lord and Lady Sebastian 130

Lord and Lady of the Lake 132

Lord and Lady Savatar 134

How to Connect to the Beings of Light Supporting You 136

Chapter Seventeen

Spiritual Awareness and Your Physical Life 139

Keys to Deepening Your Spiritual Life 140

What are the Benefits of Building a Spiritual Life? 140

For Spiritual Life, Develop a Tool Box 142

Chapter Eighteen

Conclusion 146


Suggestions on the Use of Aromatherapy Oils for Spiritual Development 147

Definition of Terms 150


St Germain 158